Case Study:

Skills Showcased

Design Thinking, Wireframing, Interaction Design, and Rapid Prototyping


With multiple online fax brands offering the same features, I was tasked with making stand out in a highly competitive space. The positioning of the brand was “the simple way to fax.” No frills, no complications. While other online fax brands “promised” simplicity— actually delivered on the promise.

Another objective was to emphasize the Free Trial, which prospects often missed in the previous iteration of the site. A streamlined Top Navigation was needed to help users quickly find the pages they needed without needless searching through dropdown menus.

Design Thinking & Wireframing

Using the proven method of storytelling, I worked closely with a copywriter to develop a story of a fax document as the hero. We followed the path of the fax throughout the journey from the fax machine through delivery. However, as simplicity was part of the brand promise, I needed to keep the website clean and simple to use. I decided on a single scrolling page, a creative direction that has been embraced in the current web space. In this storytelling approach, the prospect is informed about the features and benefits of by following the fax as it travels through visual representations of key features.

Interaction Design

With a focus on storytelling, and leveraging an animation approach, the user is shown a quick snapshot of the product in action in a visually compelling way. Interaction documentation was needed to implement complex javascript code, which is then used by engineering to translate my design to machine code. Interactive documentation along with protoyping are critical to facilitate a smooth development process.


Even for a fairly simple website, a five-minute sketch can save hours of trial and error in the later stages. The cheaper the prototype the better because prototypes involve more iterations and refinement that can be costly. Using Adobe Muse gives me the power to add functionality and style--fast. It offers my clients a great sense of user flow and functionality.