Case Study: eVoice

Skills Showcased

UX Design, Interaction Documentation, Responsive Design, Style Guide


The focus of the eVoice project is to improve the design of the site to create a better overall user experience and increase conversions. This includes the integration of a new marketing theme and imagery, as well as providing SEO content.

Due to the inherent difficulty of understanding the eVoice product, it is essential that the redesign helps to define it quickly and simply. These updates provide the Marketing Department with the ability to A/B test various aspects of the website.

  1. Increase Conversion Rate
  2. Increase traffic (by improving SEO).
  3. Increase site flexibility
  4. Build a unique brand. Set a more sophisticated tone based on customer personas that differentiate eVoice from similar virtual phone products.
  5. Create the ease and flexibility of updating site themes as needed via panos, imagery and copy, without drastically altering the structure of site pages.

UX Design

Markteting Personas
The target audiences for eVoice are primarily home and small business owners/employees or entrepreneurs. They are primarily between the ages of 25 and 50, and heavily influenced by their personal lifestyle (e.g. SMBs that want to sound like a big business; road warriors; busy business executives who need help managing their calls; and people who want an easy, modestly priced virtual receptionist solution. To a lesser extent, eVoice offers features that have limited appeal to larger workforce customers and corporations who desire large capacity plans or hardware more suitable to their business needs. Most small business customers have 2-4 employees.

Wireframing and
Functional Requirements

A main goal for the marketing team was to have the ability to add, edit, duplicate, upload and download content, as well as remove entire pages, content blocks, images, videos and widgets. Since the current site was already built in the Sitefinity platform, most of my work on the redesign was focused on updating the content, design and images, as well as the reorganization of the existing page designs. The idea was not to reinvent the look and feel, but optimize what already existed.

Concept and
Responsive Design

I worked closely with the copywriter to develop a visual concept that could sell the product benefits quickly. With no budget, I was able to create an animated pano that sold the idea of a 24/7 virtual team that lived within your mobile phone, and answered, routed and managed your calls. The concept performed well in several focus group tests and was embraced by the marketing team. Also, I redesigned the website using latest responsive design techniques, which was a first for the brand.

eVoice Style Guide Icon

Living Style Guide

I created the eVoice Style Guide as a learning tool and a visual compass for the in-house eVoice creative team. My goal was to provide consistency among the various design elements and the necessary building blocks to properly construct the eVoice website. It is a living, breathing document that I continually update based on marketing data from the brand managers, the ever-changing landscape of web design, and the virtual phone industry.

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