Case Study: MyFax

Skills Showcased

Web Design, Sales and Signup Design, Adaptive Design, Protoyping


The focus of the new MyFax Redesign site is on new customer acquisition, retention of existing users and the creation of a user-friendly sales/sign-up funnel that simplifies our customer experience. These updates offer Marketing the ability to A/B test multiple aspects of the website, drive more traffic through best SEO practices.

  1. Increase Conversion Rate
  2. Increase traffic (by improving SEO)
  3. Increase site flexibility
  4. Build a unique brand, setting it apart in a crowded market, leveraging a more personalized approach to the messaging.

Web Design Icon

Website Redesign

In the past, the design had been very straightforward and direct response, focusing on features. However, with the new messaging, I created a more personalized approach, focusing on benefits based on customer personas. The tone overall is customer-centric and approachable. The focus of the website is to show users how MyFax meets their individual needs, rather than a broad demographic. The site content educates users about the MyFax brand in a simple manner that helps define the product’s ease of use.

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Sales & Sign UpDesign

Conversions are down 5% from previous years, and the product team has determined that there is a substantive abandonment rate in the signup funnel. I worked closely with the product and marketing team, reinventing the signup process, streamlining the path for a better user experience, cutting unnecessary steps, minimizing data fields, and making the offer clear throughout.

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Adaptive Design

A major initiative for the Product team for this website is to implement a test between "Adaptive Design" and "Responsive Design" for the sales funnel. The new adaptive design offers faster-loading pages due to the server detection device and browser sending data tailored for a particular device. Compared to the responsive design, adaptive web design is website-optimized for each platform separately, and makes use of the opportunities presented by the platform, as well as the models and functions.

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