Case Study: Monster Energy Redesign

Skills Showcased

Design Thinking, Wireframing, Hi-Fidelity Comps, User Testing


Give Monster Energy's current site more clarity and an engaging refresh, that encompasses user content along with professionally shot photography. Position the brand as the go-to source for all things Xtreme Sports.

  1. Content Hierarchy
  2. Improve Time On Site
  3. User Signup
  4. Improve Top Level Navigation

Web Design Icon

Design Thinking
& Wireframing

Do a UX Audit of the current website and work with analytics team to determine goals for time on site and user engagement. The Ability to organize the content with the users interests in mind.

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Hi-Fidelity Comps

The ability to take design queues from successful content heavy sites like and to explore both edgey and practical design trends.

Adaptive Design Icon


Using Adobe's new UX app, Adobe XD, develop crisp engaging prototypes as a demo tool for presenting to stakeholders and to also communicate to engineers more live design scenario.


  1. Time-Onsite +7%
  2. Content Engagement +3%
  3. New mega menu implementation
  4. A/B tested and approved